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On January 12, the China-Europe International Forum on Child and Adolescent Correction, hosted by angel align, was held at the St. Regis Jingan Hotel in Shanghai. Many senior European orthodontic experts also came to Shanghai, and together with domestic authoritative orthodontic experts, they had discussions, dialogues and reflections with more than 700 guests. They shared many orthodontic clinical strategies that were rarely touched when attending meetings and lectures.

Angel align is China’s leading service provider of oral invisible orthodontic technology, invisible braces production and sales. Since its establishment in 2003, it has been committed to creating healthy and straight teeth for users through high-tech products and bringing splendid teeth to users. On June 16, 2021, Times Angel was successfully listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and became “China’s No. 1 Smiling Stock”. The CIC Consulting report shows that in 2021 and 2022, Times Angel’s market share of invisible correction solutions in China ranked first in terms of the number of completed cases.



Candex has a professional creative design team and production team that can provide a full range of customized services according to customer requirements. Candex is responsible for the entire process of this forum event from planning, design, production, construction to final implementation of services. The product frame of Candex’s event props is mainly made of recyclable modular aluminum alloy materials, which is both green and environmentally friendly and can be quickly disassembled and assembled, especially suitable for offline commercial activities. In addition, Candex also has a professional on-site service execution team to ensure that activities are carried out smoothly and orderly.

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Since last year, in order to better adapt to market changes, Candex has specially launched an event prop rental service. Candex’s prop rental service model provides brands with more flexible options. Through the leasing model, brands can choose suitable props for leasing according to their own needs without purchasing the entire set of props. It greatly saves activity costs and reduces the burden on the environment.

ESG, also known as environment, social and corporate governance, refers to the evaluation of the sustainability of corporate operations and the impact on social values from the three dimensions of environment, society and corporate governance. In the context of the transformation of the domestic economy to high-quality growth, practicing ESG concepts and moving towards the goal of carbon neutrality will help Chinese enterprises connect with the international market and promote industrial upgrading and sustainable development.


Zero Carbon Expo

On November 5, the sixth CIIE officially kicked off! The theme of this CIIE is “Zero Carbon and Zero Plastic Expo, Green and Smart Travel”. It is very different from previous ones. This year’s implementation of the “green” concept has become the biggest highlight of the CIIE. In fact, since the first CIIE, booths have been required to be designed in accordance with the “Green Expo Standards” and it has been clarified that special decoration and national pavilions must comply with green standards.

As a resident brand of the CIIE, DOW came prepared this time. In order to implement the goal of “organizing the exhibition greenly and creating a zero-carbon CIIE”, Dow also launched the “No Waste” product at the CIIE booth.


Dow CIIE Booth

The 300㎡ booth design was jointly created by CYTS LINKAGE and Candex. CYTS LINKAGE has been accompanying the CIIE for six years. It has served the CIIE since 2018 and has been the service provider for corporate special decoration exhibitions for five consecutive CIIEs.



Candex is good at green materials, green design and production, and gives full play to recyclable and modular design. This time, CYTS LINKAGE and Candex joined forces to create a green exhibition stand.


Candex · Adhere to sustainable product development

Candex has been committed to the sustainable development of the exhibition display industry since 2003. Kindness offers a sustainable alternative to traditional exhibitions, using a lightweight aluminum frame system as the building material. Thanks to its modular design, the aluminum frames of Candex are more versatile and can be reused hundreds of times.

Evaluation by professional organizations: Compared with similar wooden structure booths, booths using Candex’s recyclable modular construction system have a significantly reduced carbon footprint. The system meets customer needs while contributing to protecting the environment for future generations.



In today’s society where dual-carbon strategies and ESG concepts are increasingly strengthened, traditional wooden movable materials can no longer meet customer needs. At the same time, as business activities become more and more frequent, there are more and more activities of various forms, and efficiency improvement and cost reduction have become new needs of customers.


Sustainable development cooperation

Candex has introduced the world’s top printing equipment, and the product’s frame, fabric, and ink are all made of environmentally friendly materials. At the same time, dye-sublimation printing technology is used to improve the overall fabric of the graphic.

Through exquisite creative craftsmanship and fashionable design concepts, Candex cleverly integrates various materials with aluminum alloy environmentally friendly materials. It brings new vitality to offline activities and builds sustainable cooperative relationships with customers.

In the golden autumn of October, the autumn air is crisp and the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival join hands. On the occasion of the Double Festival, HAZZYS started a national tour of iconic at Yaban, Zhongshan Road, Wuxi.

Wuxi Zhongshan Road Yaohan is located in the city center. It has nearly 30 international first-line brands including LV, D&G, Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna, Cartier, etc. It is the trend vane leading the mid-to-high-end consumption in Wuxi.


The HAZZYS tour Pop-up store is located in the atrium on the first floor of Yaban, and cooperates with the store counters on the fourth floor to present the 2023 autumn new products. During the tour, a high-energy model catwalk was also staged to more vividly display HAZZYS’ new autumn products in front of customers and arouse the enthusiasm of the audience.


As a good partner of HAZZYS, Candex is very familiar with its brand tone. The design and production of the Pop-up store is an important part of this tour. We understand the importance of design in attracting customers and displaying your brand image.

Therefore, our design team carefully planned to ensure that the design style of the Pop-up store is highly consistent with the brand tone. We pay attention to details, from space layout to display design, and strive to create an impressive shopping environment for our customers. We will also take into account the customer’s behavior path, guide customers’ movement through reasonable display and display methods, and improve the sales conversion rate.

The model catwalk is a highlight of this tour. We have selected a group of professional models and conducted full training and rehearsals with them to ensure that they can perfectly display HAZZYS’ new autumn products.


Our planning team will carefully design the content and format of the model catwalk based on the brand’s tone and target audience. Whether it is a fashion show or a matching display, we will create an unforgettable visual feast through elements such as music, lighting and stage effects. Our executive team will ensure that the entire catwalk process goes smoothly so that the audience can enjoy the best viewing experience.


Integrating the creativity of CANDEX and HAZZYS

In our pop-up store tours, we not only provide design and production services, we also integrate Candex’s creativity with the HAZZYS brand to bring more surprises to customers.

Based on the new favorite of the golden autumn “Maillard”, our designers boldly use colors to break the dullness and create a striking color combination. In order to cater to the current pet trend, we have also specially set up a dog repair supplies area to provide customers with more choices. Through the high degree of integration of creativity and brand identity, it adds more highlights to HAZZYS’ autumn new product display.

Candex is a company specializing in the field of visual marketing, with rich experience and a professional team. We are committed to providing customers with a full range of design solutions. From design to production to event execution, we take care of everything. We focus on the needs of our customers, always maintain an innovative and professional attitude, constantly improve ourselves, and create more value for our customers. Our professional services and high-quality results have won recognition and praise from many customers.



I’ll be with you the whole time, don’t worry

In the days leading up to the Double Festival, this tour brought more surprises and experiences to end customers, and achieved year-on-year sales growth for brand customers. Whether it’s the design and production of a pop-up store or the planning and execution of a model catwalk event, I’ll be with you every step of the way, so don’t worry.

We will continue to uphold a professional attitude and innovative spirit to provide customers with better services and more creative design solutions. Looking forward to our future cooperation and creating a better future together!


ESG: important indicators that investment institutions consider companies

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is the most important indicator for investment institutions to consider the investment value of a company. It evaluates the sustainability of corporate operations and its impact on social values from the three dimensions of environment, society and corporate governance.

As the domestic economy enters a new era of high-quality development, practicing ESG concepts will help Chinese companies connect with the international market and promote industrial upgrading and sustainable development.

On September 13, the 2023 ESG Global Leaders Conference, the largest ESG event in China with strong international influence, opened at the Greenland Bund Center in Shanghai, focusing on the path of sustainable development of ESG and exploring the theory and practice of global ESG.

2023 esg 03


SPARK Sustainability Conference: Discussing the path of ESG practice

The first sequel SPARK Sustainability Conference was held on September 20. The conference brought together big names in the sustainability field and representatives from major brands, supply chains, and sustainable organizations. Participants included Microsoft, Nestlé Nespresso Espresso, Dow Chemical, Sephora, CapitaLand, Shui On Xintiandi, LinkedIn, etc. famous brand.

The conference held in-depth discussions around the topic of ESG practice, and discussed how brands and consumers can practice sustainability. Candex was also honored to be invited.

In this conference, guests and participants spoke freely, had lively discussions, and shared insights and experiences.

As a guest at the conference, Mr. Xu, senior partner of Candex and vice president of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, shared Candex’s relevant experience in practicing ESG green display.

2023 esg 01


Candex: a pioneer in sustainable development

Candex has been committed to the sustainable development of the exhibition display industry since 2003. Using a lightweight aluminum frame system as the basic material, Candex provides a sustainable alternative to traditional exhibition displays.

Thanks to its modular design, Candex’s aluminum frames are more versatile and can be reused hundreds of times. Not only does it meet the needs of exhibition builders and exhibitors, it also contributes to protecting the environment for future generations.

2023 esg 02


ESG: an important frame of reference for sustainable development

Since the United Nations Global Compact first proposed the ESG concept in 2004, ESG has become an important frame of reference for measuring the sustainable and high-quality development of enterprises.

Investors and consumers are also increasingly turning their attention to developing more sustainable companies. Driven by the “double carbon” goal, ESG practices have experienced explosive growth in recent years.


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Drinking beer with friends is definitely a very pleasant enjoyment in the summer full of vitality. With the recovery of the offline economy, people have participated in “beer carnivals” in various places, igniting the flame of passion for the first midsummer after the epidemic.


Millennium Beer Carnival: An Enthusiastic Summer Date

From August 24th to 27th, Grand Millennium Shanghai HongQiao Hotel held the 6th Millennium Beer Carnival. Grand Millennium Shanghai HongQiao Hotel is the first five-star hotel of Singapore Millennium International Hotel Group in China, located in the bustling Hongqiao area. In addition to providing authentic traditional Bavarian food buffet and strong and refreshing craft beer, this carnival also featured live band performances and enthusiastic interactive games, which attracted the attention of many participants.

The most attractive part of the carnival is its warm and strong atmosphere. It was this sense of ambiance that made the participants enjoy the summer to the fullest. In order to create such a warm atmosphere, Grand Millennium Shanghai HongQiao Hotel invited Candex to be responsible for the relevant design of the event.

2023 millenniumsh-01

Candex: Artists who Create Atmospheres

In the early stage of the event preparation, Grand Millennium Shanghai HongQiao Hotel found Candex who is good at designing and making event props.

2023 millenniumsh-02

According to the actual venue and budget, combined with the latest season’s products, Candex carefully set up a variety of event materials such as signs, flags, super large event tents, canopy tents, three-dimensional inflatable modeling props, etc., to decorate every corner of the event site. It is full of beer carnival atmosphere.

Compared with ordinary event tents, super-large event tents have larger internal event space and a higher top, and can customize the graphic, especially suitable for multi-person parties or themed events.

2023 millenniumsh-03

Candex not only provided conventional event materials such as background walls and flags, but also introduced canopy tents, which is common outdoors camping equipment.

Candex’s canopy tents can be customized with themed images, adding a unique visual effect to the event. The simple but not contracted design allows participants to feel small surprises in the ordinary, and instantly fills up the atmosphere.

2023 millenniumsh-04

A successful Beer Carnival

After the efforts of design, production and implementation, the 6th Millennium Beer Carnival has achieved complete success.

The design and production of Candex have also been highly recognized by the Grand Millennium Shanghai HongQiao Hotel. The success of the event not only brought joy and memories, but also won more word of mouth and attention for the Grand Millennium Shanghai HongQiao Hotel.

2023 millenniumsh-05

As the market picks up, Candex provides flexible prop leasing services

Since the beginning of this year, the promotion of the policy of expanding consumption has led to a rapid recovery of the tourism market, the catering market has gradually recovered, and consumption vitality has continued to return. All kinds of business activities gradually returned to normal.

In order to adapt to market conditions, in addition to providing conventional solutions, Candex also provides more flexible, low-cost, and high-quality prop leasing services for brand owners.

As an expert in the design and production of event props, Candex created a passionate atmosphere for the Millennium Beer Carnival through careful design and production. The use of Candex’s canopy tent and other event props made the participants feel infinite joy and surprises during the event.

With the recovery of the market, Candex provides more flexible prop leasing services for brand owners, helping the successful holding of various commercial activities. Let us look forward to more exciting event atmosphere and create more unforgettable moments together with Candex!


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As an international precision instrument manufacturing company, Germany Inheco has always maintained a leading position in the manufacture, design and supply of automated liquid handling platform equipment. 

At the SLAS exhibition earlier this year, Inheco achieved great success. Therefore, we will further actively promote the global strategic layout and participate in the Munich Analytical Biochemical Exhibition held in Shanghai from July 11th to July 13th. 

Since Inheco has few employees in the Asia-Pacific region, there is not enough manpower to deal with the exhibition activities in July. So they found Candex, which specializes in one-stop exhibition services. Candex has a professional creative design team and production team, providing one-stop full-process services.

2023 inheco 1


Tailor-made booth design according to customer needs
As a company specializing in booth design and construction services, Candex not only has a professional creative design team and production team, but also provides one-stop full-process services. In the early stage of the exhibition, Candex will fully communicate with customers to understand their needs.

Although the client’s project leader is overseas, Candex actively maintains communication with him and shares the progress of the project with the client in real time. As an exhibitor, there are a lot of cumbersome procedures to go through every time you participate in an exhibition. Candex takes the initiative to follow up and assist customers to solve their worries when the customer’s manpower is limited, so as to truly save customers time, worry and effort.

According to the customer’s product characteristics and company image, the booth design adopts industrial style. The tough lines and minimalist images reveal German rigor everywhere, and at the same time allow visitors to focus more on the exhibits themselves.

In addition, the Candex design team skillfully extracted the red triangle from Inheco’s logo and made it into a conference table, which not only maintains the functionality, but also strengthens the connection with the brand.

2023 inheco 2
As a professional one-stop exhibition service provider, Candex’s installation team also pays great attention to service details. Inheco’s exhibits are all precision instruments, which are small in size but very expensive. Candex’s installation team took extra “care” for these products, ensuring that the exhibits returned to customers in good condition.

It is this series of professional services that has won unanimous praise from German customers. The day before the launch, the staff of Inheco flew to the booth, had the first face-to-face communication with the service team of Candex, and expressed their gratitude to the Candex team. After the first cooperation, Inheco and Candex became strategic partners.


Professional service attitude, won unanimous praise from customers
As a company specializing in the provision of exhibition services, Candex has always won unanimous praise from customers with its professional service attitude. In every exhibition service, Candex takes the needs of customers as the core, provides the most suitable booth design scheme and the most professional booth services, and truly saves customers time, worry and effort.


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