• What’s New in Golf

    What’s New in Golf

    On January 13, 2022, Callaway’s 2022 new product launch conference was grandly opened at Lounge By Topgolf in Shanghai’s Central District Plaza. At the same time, Callaway’s official WeChat and T-mall flagship store were also broadcast live online. CALLAWAY GOLF is a global gol...
  • 2022,live commerce starts~

    2022,live commerce starts~

    Chinese e-commerce live commerce is booming. Live commerce has become a very popular marketing method in recent years, and it is also a must for major platforms, anchors and brands. China has become the “world leader” in live commerce, and it is estimated that the amount of Chinese li...
  • Reach the Peak of Perfection

    Reach the Peak of Perfection

    November 25, 2021, Bosideng, a world-renowned down jacket manufacturer, launches new products. Bosideng has proved its strength with a series of brilliant achievements that have attracted the attention of the world. It has led the national sales for 25 consecutive years. It has represented China ...
  • A commendation letter of  from Germany

    A commendation letter of from Germany

    Ding Dong~ you have a new email. On the second day of the CIIE, a commendation letter  was received from SCHOTT’s headquarters in Germany, which was a little surprise for Candex.   The German SCHOTT Group is a multinational high-tech group company founded in 1884 and has more than 130...
  • Light up LIVAT, light up the wonderful

    Light up LIVAT, light up the wonderful

    Visual display has always been an important way to convey brand value. The quality of various advertising lightboxes in public area will affect the brand’s image in the minds of consumers.   Recently, another global brand under the Swedish IKEA Group-Ingka Shopping Center, opened its Changs...
  • Mix and Match are so “Cool”

    Mix and Match are so “Cool”

    As we all know, Candex is a supplier that is major in 【Green Design】&【Green Installation】. The application of green materials in multiple scenarios and the R&D of peripheral products have always been our research focus. However, innovation requires continuous breakthroughs. Candex co...