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At Candex Displays (China)CO.,LTD,we pride to supply quality products such as banner stand and display system for your business needs especially for exhibitions,conferences,sales & marketing presentations and even retail services. With head office and factory strategically located in the fastest growing economic area in Shanghai,China,we are able to provide fast and reliable services to our customers located worldwide. Our dedicated Research and Development team has helped many of our esteemed clients and partners in Europe,America and Asia to develop unique customized portable display systems and advertising equipment to cater to their unique business needs. We are confident that your needs for any such products will be fulfilled.We provide the most exciting one-stop sourcing experience for your business growth.

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Back wall (Corner) (Tension Fabric, Double sided printing)


Floor Tension Display (Tension Fabric, Single sided printing)

Exhibitions & Fairs


China- Shanghai

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