UV Printing

A lightbox is an important tool in brand building. Dye sublimation printing and UV pringting offer advertising solutions with brilliant colors & graphics.

Candex Displays spared no effort in sourcing the ultimate Go Green materials and dye, to deliver the most vibrant print. With our innovative technology and modern design, encompass with many different textured fabric, UV materials plus the durable 100% recyclable aluminum alloy. We are bringing new vibes to this industries and be committed to building a sustainable future with our partners.


UV Roll

Sample NO. Inkjet Printing Material Max Width Application
CDX-INK01 Glass-free 3D Acrylic 2X3 m Shopwindow
CDX-INK02 Oil Painting sheet paper 1.22X2.44 m In House Soft Decoration
CDX-INK03 Ink piling Aluminum Composite Panels 1.22X2.44 m Shop window/ Decoration
CDX-INK04 Wood Grain 3mm Aluminum Composite Panels 1.22X2.44 m In House Soft Decoration
CDX-INK05 Marbling 3mm Acrylic 2X3 m In House Soft Decoration
CDX-INK06 Marbling Floor Tile 1.22X2.44 m In House Soft Decoration
CDX-INK07 Marbling Wall Tile 1.22X2.44 m In House Soft Decoration
CDX-INK08 Double-Sided Painting 3mm Acrylic 2X3 m Shop window
CDX-INK09 Brushed Metal Brushed Aluminum Composite Panels 1.22X2.44 m Decoration
CDX-INK10 UV Panel 3mm PVC 1.22X2.44 m Others
CDX-INK11(new) Glass-free 3D Grating Panels 1.2X2.4 m Shop window

 UV Panel

Sample NO. Material Weight Max Width Application
CDX-TEX022 PVC lightbox fabric
610g 320cm Lightbox Graphic
CDX-TEX023 Soft-film
(Non Weaving Canvas 603)
130g 320cm Lightbox Graphic
CDX-TEX024 Soft-film
(Coated fabric 601)
180g 320cm Lightbox Graphic
CDX-TEX025 Lamp piece 460g 320cm Lightbox Graphic
CDX-TEX026 Car sticker 140g 152cm Floor Decal
CDX-TEX027 Magnetic sticker 400g 152cm Poster Graphic
CDX-TEX028 Photographic paper
(No Adhesive Backing)
260g 152cm Poster Graphic

Our UV Printer Equipment

SwissQprint made in Switzerland
UV printing equipment
Breadth: 3.2×2.05 M.   Printing Speed: 206 square meters per hour


AGFA made in Belgium
Printing method: UV LED cold light technology solid color.
Double jet printing. The material can be up to 10 feet wide.


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