Toolless Building System

Bravo™ toolless building system and Allen™ toolless building system (tube) are the exhibition products exclusively developed by Candex.

Bravo™ Toolless Building System

The standardized and modularized Bravo™ products can be installed quickly without tools through its unique locking mechanism, which greatly shortens the construction time and reduces the cost of installation personnel. Bravo™ toolless building system can be combined with a variety of Candex products, such as SEG lightbox, frabic frame, LCD screen, plate, etc., which can simplify complexity and perfectly present a variety of exhibition effects.

Allen™ Toolless Building System

Allen™ Toolless Building System, made of aluminum tube profile, is a breeze to assemble. Innovative and trendy design is applied in standard or customized products which is key in promoting brand awareness. With modular design and easy to follow instruction guide, a 9 m² exhibition booth could be easily assembled in 2-3 hours with 2 manpower. The whole booth system is reusable maximizing the return of investment and is also eco-friendly.


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