SEG Lightbox

A lightbox is an important tool in brand building. Candex SEG Frameless Fabric LED Lightbox is pure and simple yet outstanding in every aspect. This minimal design was based on advanced, precision German technology and refined over a period of 5 years. We spared no effort in sourcing the ultimate Go Green fabric and dye, to deliver the most vibrant print. We are committed to building a sustainable future with our partners.


Primary™   SEG Lightbox / Fabric Frame

The Primary™ Series Frameless LED Lightbox is our top of the range lightbox, showcasing the most vibrant display of graphics.

Frame Catalog Draft 190214-1805_页面_10


Discovery™   Backlit Lightbox

Discovery™ Series is slim and slick with only a 45mm depth and uses backlit LEDs to provide even luminance.

Frame Catalog Draft 190214-1805_页面_12


Element™   SEG Lightbox

Element™ Series Framless LED Lightbox projects an excellent graphic display yet at the same time the most economical.

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Curve™   SEG Lightbox

Curve™ Series Lightbox is versatile and can customized to suit any requirement.

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Shotscreen™   SEG Lightbox

Shotscreen™ Series LED Lightbox with UV printing is another great choice option for lightbox display.

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Structure Material Printing Lightbox Profiles Fabric Frame Profiles
•Aluminum Alloy
•High-power Modular LED
•High transmittance Fabric
•Imported Eco-Friendly inks
•Digital Dye-sublimation •45mm
•50mm Double Side
•60mm Double Side


Provide different kinds of shape
Suitable for retail store, shopping mall, gallery, hotel, commercial entertainment area and other etc.

Frame Catalog Draft 190214-1805_页面_06 拷贝

Key Features

 1. Modular design: The LED lights are in modular format for easy transportation, assembly and maintenance.

Modular and Shockproof Packaging: The packing is specially designed to withstand transportation ensuring no breakage to the product.

2. Performance: No Shadow and No Light spot, Luminance is 2000-4000lux,

3. Visual Effects: Frameless design, High resolution printing

4. Customization: Length and width can be customized. (A graphic width of more than 3.14m needs joining)


Lumen Depreciation

SEG Catalog 190215-1200_页面_16

SEG Catalog 190215-1200 16


Candex Other brands
• Luminance is 2000-4000lux
• The brightness and evenness are strictly controlled within ±10%
• Imported fabric. 250g/m2
• Dye-sublimation printing
• Imported eco-friendly inks
• High saturation and Colorful
• Dustproof protection and Independent packaging for graphic
• Modular format for easy transportation, assembly and maintenance
• Quality Management System
• 2 years warranty & Maintenance Service
• Luminance is about 1600lux
• Uneven brightness, visible light spots and shadows
• Visible inside LED circle highlights.
• The print tension is not taut and fabric is thin
• Graphic print is not vibrant and no depth
• Print is fuzzy and dirty looking especially



A wide range of frame profiles and colors are available for your selection.

Frame Catalog Draft 190214-1805_页面_17 拷贝

Quality Management System

  • Brightness and Evenness

The lightbox will undergo 8 hours of aging test which include brightness, intensity, light distribution, structural stability, high voltage current and temperature tests. We guarantee the light will be well-distributed.

  • Leakage and Electric shock protection safety features

Our lightbox has a surge protection safety feature safety is our concern.

  • Color Temperature Management

Candex unique light intensity management technology provides consistent luminance throughout the lightbox and the color temperature is in the best range of 6500k-7000k. The accurate color reproduction improves the quality of the image output.

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