Modular Lightbox

As the Candex display system technology develops to a certain stage, we strive to continue our general rate of continuous improvement. Each component can be freely changed in the form of modules to form a different size or different type of light box. This is the benefit of our modular architecture, which can be simply understood as building blocks. The interface of each module is standardized and shared at the beginning of the architecture design. When you buy this modular product, you can easily mix and match different modules on the same architecture to create different size lightboxes. This greatly reduces the inventories and purchasing cost and can efficiently accomplish different work requirements.

Key features:

• With modular design and easy to follow instruction guide
• Reusable design, maximizing the return of investment and also eco-friendly
• Our customized bag packs all the materials to make transportation a breeze.
• Great expandability, can be customized according to customer needs.
• Reduce inventory stocks

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• Connector 1 - Straight connector and screws
• Easy to tighten by hand without tools

• Connector 2 - Corner connector and screws
• Easy to tighten by hand without tools

• Base Plate and screws (for Module A, D and E)

• Internal structure - horizontal and vertical
• Easy to tighten 90° turn with provided screwdriver

How to Build Your Own

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