Combo™ Series

Candex developed a new series of Combo™, which extends the usage boundary of light boxes and perfectly combines the display of light boxes with the exhibition of products. According to the principle of magnetics, the new series applies aluminum alloy, magnet and other environmental protection (RoHS) materials. In addition to the light boxes function, Combo™ Serial have the function of commodity display with the load bearing capacity. Changeable shape with a flush finish, Combo™ Serial also come in customer choice of adjustable presented positions in order to simplify take and put. This new series has perfectly adapted to the updated iteration of commercial exhibition and provided more options for the design of retail commercial space.

How to use Combo™

1. Existing frame size and thickness

Magnet shelf Catalog  V6

2. Choose accessories

Magnet shelf Catalog  V4

3. Fix the shelf wherever you want

Magnet shelf Catalog  V5


The shelving board is connected and fixed with the support bar through the slider component. It can easily move in different directions within the allowable range of the light box screen. As is shown in the figure. 

Magnet shelf Catalog  V3

More Shelves

The number of shelving boards can be flexibly increased or decreased according to the customers’ demand. 

Magnet shelf Catalog  V2


Magnet shelf Catalog  V1

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